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Helping you make the right decision.

Redefine standards and create a strong foundation for your spa venture with WOW Consultants, where over 45 years of collective expertise in the luxury spa and wellbeing industry converge. We stand by you at every step, from the genesis of business planning and development, to providing on-site support during your grand opening. At WOW, our unwavering commitment is to ensure the resounding success of your spa venture by redefining standards and creating an immersive experience for your guests.

A tailored service designed to elevate your spa venture. We specialize in guiding you through every phase, starting with developing a comprehensive concept that aligns with your vision. Our expertise extends to spatial design, FF&E, and OS&E, ensuring a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.


We provide valuable guidance in selecting the right designer, architect, and contractor to bring your spa to life. Our commitment is to ensure that the design not only meets but exceeds spa efficiency and guest service standards.


Our service includes a thorough Competitive Market Analysis, identifying unique Points of Differentiation that set your spa apart. We help define your customer segment, enabling targeted strategies for a personalized guest experience.


Pricing is a critical aspect, and we will assist you in formulating effective Pricing Strategies and Optimization to maximize value for both you and your guests. From pre-opening planning to creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), we cover every detail to set the stage for success.


Embark on your spa journey with confidence. Your spa's success begins with a solid foundation – let's build it together.

New Business Framework

Program & Menu Development

Elevate your spa experience with Program and Menu Development – where every element is thoughtfully crafted to offer a transformative and unforgettable well-being journey for your guests. We craft more than just spa offerings – we curate a holistic and cohesive experience for your guests. Our focus is on creating a seamless journey that resonates with your brand identity.


Delve into the extraordinary with Signature Spa and Fitness Offerings, meticulously designed to elevate the well-being of your guests. Learn to harness the transformative power of Authentic Wellbeing Programs and Retreats, customized to immerse your guests in a rejuvenating escape.


Harmony extends beyond treatments; we strategically align Retail and Professional Supply Partners, ensuring a symbiotic relationship that enhances your offerings and guest satisfaction. Creating a Hospitality Integration Plan can seamlessly weave your spa experience into the broader narrative of your hotel or resort.


Committed to the environment, we integrate Sustainability Initiatives, fostering a spa experience that not only revitalizes the body but also resonates with eco-conscious values.


Distinguish your spa with our Branding and Private Label Product Development expertise. We work closely with you to create a unique identity and develop exclusive products that reflect the essence of your spa.

Learning & Development

Through Learning & Development, we offer a transformative journey dedicated to enhancing the excellence of your spa team. We prioritize the foundation of exceptional service through meticulous attention to Guest Service Standards.


Empower your leadership team with our Leadership Development programs, designed to cultivate strong, capable leaders who inspire and guide your spa towards success. Our focus extends to the heart of your operation – your staff. Elevate your therapist team with our Professional Spa Staff Technical Training, ensuring they are well-versed in the latest techniques and industry trends.


Invest in the growth of your spa through strategic learning initiatives, and watch as your team becomes a driving force behind the success of your spa. With a commitment to excellence, our service is your pathway to a spa team that stands out in professionalism, skill, and dedication to unparalleled guest service.

Financial Planning

Our Financial Planning service, a meticulous approach to unlocking the full potential of your spa business. Our expertise lies in analyzing your business potential to provide a roadmap for sustainable success. Let us guide you in making informed decisions that align with your business goals, ensuring not just financial stability, but a robust foundation for sustained growth in the dynamic spa industry.


Navigate confidently with P&L forecasting, where we delve into the financial landscape to anticipate trends and opportunities. We specialize in maximizing growth within your existing Profit and Loss (P&L) structure, identifying avenues that propel your spa towards new heights.


Achieve optimal profitability through our Margin Enhancement strategies, carefully crafted to streamline costs and elevate revenue streams. Our Labor Analysis ensures an efficient workforce allocation, balancing operational needs with financial objectives.

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