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Our Story

Over a decade ago WOW founders Jaclyne Roe and Margaret Lora came together as colleagues, both passionate spa directors united by the common goal to serve others. Their journey as allies in business laid the foundation for a friendship. United by the common goal of being experience seekers, these visionary women embarked on a dynamic partnership. They share over 45+ years of spa management experience with one goal in mind, push outside of the norm and into the WOW Factor! Now is the time to bring your vision to life with the Wonders of Wellbeing.

We believe in pushing the boundaries of conventional spa and wellbeing concepts while upholding the highest standards of integrity. Our commitment to innovation is grounded in a deep respect for authenticity and ethical practices.


At the core of our consultancy is an unwavering passion for people. Through tailored strategies and genuine collaboration, we empower our clients to flourish and find fulfillment in their wellness endeavors.

A Heart to Serve

We are more than consultants; we are wellness enthusiasts united by a shared vision. Together, we celebrate the diversity of wellness, creating a supportive network where innovation, inspiration, and genuine enthusiasm for well-being flourish.


Featured In WellSpa 360

Wonders of Wellbeing Consulting is a new consultancy firm founded by Margaret Lora and Jaclyne Roe. With a combined wealth of experience spanning decades, the duo hopes to transform the spa and wellbeing landscape, offering unparalleled services to individuals and businesses seeking to elevate their ventures.

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Featured In Pulse Magazine

Industry veterans Margaret Lora and Jaclyne Roe recently

combined forces to create Wonders of Wellbeing Consulting,

promising to revolutionize the spa and well-being sector in

Allanta and beyond. With decades or combined experience, the duo brings a unique blend of skills, from Roe's entrepreneurial prowess and organizational acumen to Lora's strategic thinking and operational expertise. Their consultancy aims to elevate both individuals and businesses by offering unparalleled services tailored to enhance well-being and drive transformative change.

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Featured In Pulse Magazine

"Our new hires go through a Mohonk House orienta-tion. Then, the task force members take on that team member and work on the meet-and-greet and socialization to get to know everyone. Then, they do the more official spa training, which takes about a week.

We also do a newsletter piece on them, as we don't want them to get lost in the shuffle."

New  Beauty Magazine: Cold Plunge Therapy

While many of us opt for a hot, steamy shower, there is tons of research behind the benefits of ice-cold baths. Cold plunge therapy, a biohacking technique that boasts a range of benefits, has taken off over the past few years. The Goop Lab highlighted the Wim Hof Method, which involves meditation, cold exposure then breathing techniques. Luxury resorts even offer various forms of cold plunges and cryotherapy.

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Forbes: Unique Spa Treatment

Contrast Hydrotherapy Massage focuses on contrast therapy, alternating between warm steam and cool water showers. The blend of plant extracts infused with CBD oil helps sore muscles and inflammation.

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Women's Health: Best Eco-friendly Spa

Not only does a geothermal heating and cooling system moderate the spa's temperature, but the building also boasts a green roof garden terrace to insulate the building, reduce energy use and water runoff, and provide a venue for birds and butterflies. 

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Travel + Leisure: The East Coast's Ultimate Wellness Destination

Mohonk Mountain House, a castle resort that’s been around since 1869, recently upgraded its spa to include an outdoor treatment sanctuary overlooking the lake, plus a variety of new wellness experiences — including mindfulness sessions, hydrotherapy massages, and seasonal programs.

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Spa Business: Added Value

The 240sq ft Lakeview Summerhouse, set on a cliff overlooking the majestic glacial lake, is constructed from local wood and serves as an outdoor sanctuary where guests can connect with the healing power of nature as they enjoy their treatment. “It’s simple, but impactful,” states spa director Margaret Lora.

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Forbes: Let Nature Nurture Your Wellbeing

Resort guests can deepen their outdoor mindfulness practice with the help of Nina Smiley, PhD, a Princeton-trained psychologist who serves as Mohonk’s director of mindfulness programming. Author of “Mindfulness in Nature,” Smiley is a master at making meditation and mindfulness accessible to anyone—even if you think it’s impossible to quiet the constant chatter of the mind—through calming experiences outside.

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Featured in: An Insider's Guide to Spas

Accessibility. With accessibility comes advancement. As spa becomes more accessible to the public, as provider and directors, as the demand grows, then subsequently, our experience has to continue to become more sophisticated, more personalized, have more meaning.

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In the press

Our Team

Margaret Lora

Introducing Margaret Lora, a distinguished senior executive with an impressive track record encompassing over 20 years of experience in general management, sales, and marketing within the full-service hospitality sector. Margaret's expertise shines through her adept management of luxury spa and fitness clubs, showcasing her operational prowess.

Margaret Lora's hands-on operational background allows her to lead all facets of business operations, marketing, and brand/product management. She is dedicated to helping globally recognized brands establish a strong market presence and solidify their brand identity. With Margaret at the helm, success is not just a goal; it's a tangible outcome.

Jaclyne Roe

Meet Jaclyne Roe, a seasoned professional in the wellness consulting realm. With a rich career spanning various facets of the Management industry, from Customer Service to Leadership, Jaclyne brings a wealth of experience to the table. Her journey includes not only successful business ownership but also a knack for building ventures from startup to profitability. Jaclyne is a self-motivated individual known for her excellent communication skills, adept multitasking abilities, and meticulous attention to detail. Her organizational talents shine through, enabling efficient time management and task completion while staying on course and under budget. Jaclyne Roe is dedicated to leveraging her diverse background to enhance well-being and success for her clients.

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